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A Hunt of Ice and Fire
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Welcome to A Hunt of Ice and Fire!

This is a community where our challenges are in the form of a scavenger hunt! Prompts may be anything you think will inspire a story: song lyrics, quotes, scenarios you'd like to see, even single word prompts (Robin is rather partial to defenestration bonus points for whoever writes that). Just make sure they're not character or pairing specific; this community is about promoting originality, interpretation and diversity!

If you're interested, then head on over to the signup page! Participants will be placed in teams: Kingsguard, Maesters, Night's Watch and Queensguard. First come, first serve; all teams will be divided equally for obvious reasons. You'll receive points for your fills, with bonuses for using less popular ships and/or characters. More details about the point system and the teams in the rules post.

This community is maintained by leapylion3 and robin_hoods

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